Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 friends, 1 Bike, 1200+ kms… journey to land kings…

It’s was a sunny day and I was happy to see the sun as my first long trip is going to start. And I dress up and hit the road. But after that we didn’t saw a single sun shine, where ever we stop we heard only one thing from people from last few days there was no rain it’s started today only, I think mother nature want to bless us with her beauty.

Plan of the trip was like this…

Ankleshwar (Gujarat) -> Ahmedabad -> Palanpur (Gujarat) -> Kumbalgar (Rajasthan) ->Mt. Abu -> Ahmedabad -> Ankleshwar.

But dude to time and other factor we change the plan a bit.

Ankleshwar (Gujarat) -> Ahmedabad -> Palanpur (Gujarat) -> Kumbalgar(Rajasthan) -> Abu Road -> Amba Ji -> Ahmedabad -> Ankleshwar.

Road used,
NH 8,NH 14, NH 76

Intro of two riders:

Prashant Soni – CBR250R AB (Red)
Niraj K. - Pillion with me.

Day 1

On 19th I started from Ankleshwar. As Niraj was going to join me from Ahmedabad. So I started aroung 1200 hrs. and reach to Ahmedabad around 1530hrs. From Ankleshwar to Baroda is 6 Lane highway and it’s just 70 kms so it’s not take much time and as I was alone I was just trying to catch the wind. But from Baroda to Ahmedabad it was a single lane Old highway. But I find it in good condition. And finally I reach to Ahmedabad and then I picked Niraj and start my journey forward toward Palanpur.
We planned our first stop at Palanpur. But we as already late as traffic of Ahmedabad stuck us and it took 2 hours to come out from it. Well road to Palanpur was good and it was 4 lane highway… but rain and Car traffic make it bit hectic… well finally we reach to Palanpur and we stay there for night…
We both were excited because the really journey will start from tomorrow morning I.e. on 20th.

Day 2

Yesterday we completed around 400 Kms. And now only 200 Kms was left for our destination. We get up early and get ready for ride. We start around 1000 hrs. as Palanpur was place where previously we both were posted and few friends come to meet us.
Finally we started. Up hills start from Palanpur and twist and turn also start but as it is 4 lane roads so it’s easily to cover. After Abu Road everything was new for me and we move towards Pindwada. And cool breeze is string my face through the vent of helmet… wet weather making it very cool… in the way we saw a concert  way intersecting the river, and giving it a nice look we stop there and spend some time there. After some time we left from there and start again for our destination, and around 12:30pm we reach there, there entrance to the fort was hidden in forest and it’s was looking awesome, we enter in that gate and the Kumbalgar fort was in front of us… it’s was really great place, we roam here are there and saw the complete fort , it’s was almost 3 Pm and then we took our lunch, and there we plan for next step, as we are short in time so we decided to move back to Abu Road and stay there, we drop our plan to Mt Abu and plan to go to Amba ji. We come back and stay at Abu road.

Day 3,

New morning and new roads are waiting for us, we get ready and early morning around 6am we left for Ambaji, we took old road from Abu road to Amba ji, that’s road was single lane and river is flowing next to it, making is a nice road to ride, we reach to Ambaji around 8:00 hrs. And there we take the dirshan of Amba ma, and then around 1100 hrs. we left for Ahmedabad.
This part of journey was the worst as we decided to take Palanpur road but by mistake we headed to himitnagar, the road was under construction and full of pit holes, finally we manage to cross the road, we are almost 1 hour behind our schedule as riding above 40 is not possible in that road, and after himatnagar when 4 land come we was able to cover the time, by 3:30 we reach to Ahmedabad and after dropping my Friend I ride back to Ankleshwar…